Audio by HARMAN

Company Visit

May 21, 2024 - 17:30-20:00

AES Event

Dear AES members

AES Denmark are fortunate to have the Chair of the AES Technical Council travel to Kvistgaard in Denmark (north of Copenhagen) Dr. Rafael Kassier, Senior Principal Engineer (HARMAN Automotive, Karlsbad Germany). He will give an overview of factory installed automotive audio systems, and explain how HARMAN measures their subjective sound quality.

We are also fortunate to have Mr. Martin Olsen, HARMAN Distinguished Engineer from the HARMAN team in Struer, Denmark, who will demonstrate how to simulate the sound field inside a car. In addition we will get an introduction and a tour of the Kvistgaard facilities at Consumer Audio Lab Denmark.


17:30 – Welcome by AES Denmark
17:35  Welcome by HARMAN International
17:40  Short presentation about HARMAN International – World Wide and in Denmark

17:50  “Automotive Sound Systems and How to Measure Them” by Dr. Rafael Kassier, Senior
              Principal Engineer (HARMAN), Chair of the AES Technical Council

18:30 – Short Break

18:45  “Acoustical Simulations in Automotive Listening Spaces” by Mr. Martin Olsen, HARMAN
              Distinguished Engineer, EPIC

19:15  HARMAN Consumer Audio Lab Denmark presentation
19:30  Visit HARMAN Consumer Audio Lab Denmark and Special exclusive tour at the H2X
20:00  Event ends

Please note, that there is no lift available to the second floor at the venue.

Sign up by email before May 14, 2024.

Address: Hejreskovvej 18B second floor, 3490 Kvistgaard.

Best Regards

Jan Abildgaard Pedersen
Chair, Danish AES Section