AES Audio Product Education Institute Explains Simulation and Testing for Speakers and Microphones in Latest Webinar

August 9, 2021

— August 11 webinar will feature presentations from COMSOL and HEAD acoustics exploring spatial responses of speakers and microphones as well as echo cancellation testing techniques —

The AES Audio Product Education Institute (APEI), created to promote methodologies, practices and technologies involved in developing and bringing audio products to market, will promote a new free webinar on its Modeling and Measurement education pillar, this time addressing “Speakers and Microphones: Simulation and Testing,” on Wednesday, August 11 (12:00pm EDT).

Multiphysics and acoustics simulation software company COMSOL and HEAD acoustics, a leading provider of integrated acoustic measurement, analysis, and optimization solutions, join the AES Audio Product Education Institute in a webinar focusing on exploring multiphysics simulation and testing practices. The ability to predict and understand spatial responses of speakers and microphones is important when developing modern consumer audio products. And, as feedback and echo cancellation play an important role in these products, the webinar will also explore echo and double-talk testing, including different echo metrics that are used in voice-quality testing.

Providing another APEI learning opportunity on the use of simulation and measurement solutions for audio product design, the two companies will share their experiences in separate sessions during the webinar, followed by time for questions. Given the importance of echo cancellation and of the ability to predict and reduce feedback in the transmission path from source to receiver, Mads Herring Jensen (Technology Manager, Acoustics, for COMSOL) will explain ways to model both the source and the receiver responses, using techniques such as reciprocity and full feedback path analysis. Early assessment is critical to the product development process, as DSP algorithms can then be developed and fine-tuned before any physical prototypes are made.

In his presentation, Jacob Soendergaard (Telecom Account Manager, HEAD acoustics) will address the different echo metrics that are used in voice-quality testing as well as double-talk analysis techniques. Topics to be covered include the definition of echo, how delay affects echo, metrics used to characterize echo and a definition of double talk and explanation of its importance as a metric. Finally, the presentation will review the different analysis techniques used to quantify double talk.

Following the opening remarks and the two presentations, the COMSOL-sponsored webinar will offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions. The webinar will help attendees expand their understanding of the use of multiphysics simulation in audio product design, addressing virtual prototyping, testing, measurement, and optimization.

This webinar from the Audio Product Education Institute underscores the AES’s commitment to providing its membership and the industry at large with information on real-world solutions for audio product development.

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